Role Models

I think it is ridiculously cheesy to even think that fictional characters are considered to be role models and for someone to be disappointed because these characters do not live up to what they think a role model should be. It’s like former Vice President Dan Quayle taking on television character Murphy Brown for being a single mother on the show. There were single mothers before this character and there have been more since the show went off and Quayle left office. These are not real people. Our kids need to know this. There are no vampires or wolves to sweep young women off their feet. BELLA SWAN IS NOT A ROLE MODEL!!! KATNISS EVERDEEN IS NOT A ROLE MODEL!!! Real people should be role models: mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, etc. We live in a real world, not fantasy. Fiction books and movies are escapism, not what we should base our daily lives on or encourage youth to base theirs. Read a good book, watch a bad movie, but understand that if you model your life after those characters; you will die alone waiting for Edward. I’ve modeled my life after real people. I also spell potato “P-O-T-A-T-O” not “P-O-T-A-T-O-E.”

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