Living In This Techno-Social World

12 years ago there was no FB, no Twitter, no Myspace and text messaging wasn’t popular yet… We had Aim and Chat Rooms but most social networking was more personal… We had Dial-Up not DSL… You talked on the phone, you hung out and you were lucky if you bumped into old friends/acquaintances… We are now connected in ways we never imagined… Communicating with the people closest to you no matter how far way they are, the people we want to keep at a distance, and everyone else in real time… We know more about people’s lives than ever… We post things that we may not be brave enough to say to others face to face… Having a friend isn’t what it used to be… We are globally connected and social circles are no longer subject to distance limitations… We know what technology is today, but can you imagine how technology may change in the next 12 months and its ever changing effects on our life… Dare I wonder what things will be like 10 years from now?


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