Spending time with you is wonderful. That’s why I can’t do it anymore. There is something about you that pulls me in. you’re poison, yet I crave you. How you hurt me? How that hurt feels so good? Pure dysfunction. Not good… oh so good! Am I crazy? What is it that you do to me? You smile, I melt. You laugh, I melt! You touch me and I’m in pieces! When I’m with you I feel whole. Conflicted! Confused! In lust? In love? Tell me. Don’t! But I need to know?! What is this? Why is this? Where did you come from? Why me? QUESTIONS? QUESTIONS? GRRRRR! I love you. I want you. POISON! POISON! Stay away. We can’t do this anymore. You don’t love me. I need love. USE ME! Make me yours. Lock me in your world. I’m yours. HURT! PAIN! This is not good. I crave it. I crave you. Dream of you. Think of me. FEEL ME! FEEL ME! I will make you love me. STOP! WAIT! This killing me. Me and you. You and me. THIS! I love you. Tears, tears, tears. I cry for you. For me. For us. I give myself to you. You give nothing in return. I need your touch. Crave it. Why do you hurt me so? Why do I hurt me so? Confused? Yes. Crave? Yes. Emotional…

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