Open Letter

Dear President Obama,
It seems that you are not the man who would return America to greatness, unite the races and bring unity to the world. In other words, you suck as president. You have messed up the economy. Wait, that was like that before you took office. The country is divided along social, racial, economic and political lines. Wait, that was like that before you took office. There is war all over the globe. Wait, that was like that before there was an America. I guess you get credit for stepping into a bad situation that no one person can fix over night. There a lot of people who can wait for you to leave office. They think they have the answers to all these problems and are better for the job. Truth be told if one man could have fixed all the problems of the country, them there wouldn’t have been 43 men who preceded you. These aren’t new problems, they’re recurrent problems. It the cycle in which the world works. We have great highs and great lows. Its really not your fault or #43 for that matter. Decisions made about this country dating back to #1 have lead us to this point today. Decisions we make today maybe good in the now but may hurt us in the long run and vice versa. I think #43 was a good guy but a little hot headed at times and I’m a fan of #42. They both got two chances to get it right and you’re on your second term trying. Do the best job you can until your a lame duck and someone else inherits the woes of this great country. Good Luck!



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