Kid’s Stuff

I went by my mom’s house yesterday to visit. My sister and I were sitting out on the porch while my 7-year-old niece Laila rode her bike. That definitely brought back some memories, especially when her chain came off. Her big smile turned quickly to a sad frown. Of course, being a good uncle, I fixed the bike. Laila, asked “How do you know how to fix it?” I responded, “I was your age once and that’s kid stuff.” She laughed, took her bike, big smile returned and rode off. When I was about to leave, Laila told me she couldn’t wait to be big so she could get a car like mine. I asked her why and she said, “There’s know chains on a car.” You gotta love her!

I just turn 36 and life is full of complicated “Adult Stuff.” Seeing Laila ride reminded my of simpler times when fixing a bike chain was easier that replacing my car’s broken ball joint. Like Laila, I once dreamed of being “Big.” The funny thing is, when you’re young, its little things that make you feel big. For instance, yesterday I was putting away my crayons (I just started coloring again thanks to WilderSoul’s Blog) when I had a thought. I shared it on Facebook.

Remember when you graduated from using crayons to using marker? It made you feel like a big kid…

It was those little things that made me feel grown up or “Big.” Here are a few more from when I was this guy:

Young Me!
Young Me!

1. Being able to ride a bicycle without training wheels.

2. The first time I didn’t have to get the Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

3. Getting a book bag that didn’t have cartoons on it.

4. Crossing the street by myself.

5. Going to the corner store by myself with more than a dollar.

Those were the days. Now that I’m pushing 40, I’m happy if I only spend a dollar at the store. I don’t want to cross the street for anything if I can help it. That’s what delivery is for. My book bag has a butterfly on it. I buy Happy Meals to save money and my car has four wheels like my bike with training wheels. Wow!

Kid’s Stuff… I’m gonna make my favorite meal from when I was a kid: Spaghetti & Hot Dogs.

– Chris

One thought on “Kid’s Stuff”

  1. I am a bit older than the gentleman that posted the above. I grew up on a farm with a little brother and 6 cousins-all boys! We never ever just sat around the house. First of all we had no tv. I have learned much more by reading books. I usually can ace Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! We did chores first and that was farmwork, not just doing a few dishes! Then there was homework and piano practice. Playtime was outside even when it rained! We played Wild Wild West using sticks as “weapons”
    Lol! Oh and we needed to “hang” a cattle thief, etc. we used one of my Barbie and Ken dolls! I hated dolls so they were fairly abused!!


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