I Saw A Drug Dealer, Stripper, Virgin & Runaway For Free + Popcorn

Who says that you can’t do anything for free anymore? The other night I got an advanced screening pass to see WE’RE THE MILLERS. It was the best comedy I’ve seen this year. The movie stars Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston whom have great on screen chemistry. Will Poulter is the best scene stealer ever. I’m not gonna tell you anything else accept, Go See This Movie!


Now back to talking about how this was free. I got my passes from http://www.gofobo.com. Once at the cinema, I received a voucher for a free small popcorn and a small soda. I totally spent zero dollars at the concession stand. To top it off, I got a We’re The Millers tee shirt. All this for free in New York City. Awesome!

Awesome Free Tee
Awesome Free Tee

This one of many examples of really cool free things you can do in the city. Click the link below and join GoFoBo.

– Chris


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