A Couple Things About Me


my first celebrity crush: Lindsey Wagner


worst job i ever had: Security Guard.


 job where i had the most fun: Heartshare Human Services of New York


fear i would like to conquer: My fear of bugs. Yes, I’m a punk!


question most often asked: Can you do me a favor?


question i wish somebody would ask me: How much should I make this check out for?


i would swap lives with: J J Abrams. That dude is so creative.


one thing i want to do before i die: Have dinner with Oprah.


famous event i would like to have witnessed: The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s my favorite place to go to clear my mind.


person i would call for bail money: I know too many broke people, so I guess I’ll just be stuck there.


my epitaph: ” Love, Love, Love… Its what I did”

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