Open Letter to Everyone

Dear Friends,

I believe in hard work and diligence. I believe in honesty, showing initiative and acquiring knowledge that increases my worth. I believe in going above and beyond for the greater good. This ideology serves to enhance my character and to better my position in life. I have purposed myself with sharing these ideas. I strive to help others to grow; to enhance their character and to gain a better position in their life. It is an opportunity to foster a life filled with positives. We all fall down, face adversity and enmity. I want to help you up and stand with you. Make an invest in a persons future and not their failure. The ultimate promotion will be the positive impact you have on their life. I want you to say, “What it was is not what it’s gonna be. Negativity has no place with me.” It’s a starting point to something greater. I surround myself with amazing people so that we can do amazing things. To help others without condition is truly amazing. Be proud of that.

And to my detractors (aka haters) I say, my heart is big enough to love you but I have no place in my life for you. I simply wish you well!


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