I was Stopped & Frisked in Brooklyn (It was laundry day for me)

At 12:30pm there was a crime taking place in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Of course, the criminals got away because the police had stopped me. I asked why I was being stopped. Apparently, they had seen me stop to speak to someone on the corner. I hadn’t spoken to anyone as I pushed my shopping cart with laundry to the dry cleaners. The officer insisted that I had and he seen this take place. Well, if I did, is it now a crime in New York City to speak to someone? Anyway, I told him I didn’t speak to anyone and I was told not to lie. Then I was asked for Identification which I provided. I was told by his partner I needed to tell the truth about my supposed conversation. When I strongly reaffirmed that no such conversation had taken place, I was told that I had an attitude and that I would be arrested if I didn’t calm down. Then came the frisk… I was asked if I had anything dangerous in my pockets. I asked what was their reason to search me. Once again when I questioned them, I was told I had an attitude and I would be arrested. Since I wasn’t under arrest, I didn’t think “The Right to Remain Silent” applied. I told them what was in my pockets. He patted me down. Then he questioned why I was carrying two cell phones. I explained that it was a job cell phone. Then it was implied that maybe use for the sale of narcotics. I told them where I worked. The female officer then asked me to provide job id to verify the phone. I said no. She flashed her cuffs and said she’d arrest me if I didn’t calm down. Then they decided to let me go; stating that they were only doing there job. Both officers had badges but they were turned backwards so that the numbers were not visible. I asked for there badge numbers and I was told that they had properly identified themselves. They got in there unmarked car and left. These officers were not white, so this was not an issue of race to me as far as there interaction with me. It was a case of stupid policy carried out by idiots who abuse that power granted to them as police officers… To any crime victims who suffered while I was being victimized by the people who are to protect and serve, I am truly sorry.

I’ve spent this day feeling violated. I feel like I was robbed… of my dignity. When I replay the event in my mind… The feeling of being cornered and harassed is overbearing. Knowing that although I had done nothing wrong, this could turn on bad for me. Unable to do nothing but be abused, victimized under the veil that this is their job. Not to Protect and Serve, but to Bully and Intimidate. To incite an act from you as a reason for them to react. A reason to rob me of my freedom… When I walk out the door tomorrow, I’ll be more fearful as I ask myself a question: WHO ARE THE REAL THUGS: CRIMINALS or POLICE?

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