I Can’t Be Your Loyal Friend

“When my love swears that she is made of truth I do believe her, though I know she lies” – Shakespeare

People constantly post about there need of loyalty; loyal friends and lovers. What is it you are really looking for? Loyalty something that is easy to misplace. It can be manipulated and misconstrued. Loyalty is reserved for that which is above you. It is an allegiance to someone greater than you. In friendship and love there is no balance unless it is equal. Who wants to be friends with someone who thinks they’re better than you? Who wants to be with someone who doesn’t give 100% in a relationship? Loyalty is one sided. Think about it in terms of government: You are loyal to this country but has it always been loyal to you; to the people. NSA spying? Anyone? Yet we maintain that loyalty because the country as a whole is greater than the individuals that make it up. With friends and relations, loyalty doesn’t work. The minute you figure out that you are see as less then or that your loyalty has infringed upon your integrity, you’re done. Loyal friends and lovers are short lived. Eventually you will be asked to compromise your principals and if you don’t, you will no longer be see as “Loyal”. You will be left in the cold, feeling like you gave so much and got nothing in return.

I don’t have loyal friends nor do I desire to give anyone that title. I have close friends, old friends, plain ol’ friends. I don’t require a great feeling of support or allegiance from them. What I can say about them all is that they’re honest with me. They tell me when I’m right or wrong. They’re there when I really need support and know when to take a step back so I can breathe. Most importantly, they know I won’t compromise their integrity to satisfy my needs as they won’t do that to me. Although we admire each others accomplishments, it has no bearing on our friendships. We are equals.

Bottom Line: When it comes to friends and relations, loyalty is for suckers. I ain’t no sucker!

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