A Message to the Ignorant

YOU DO NOT WORK ON A PLANTATION! YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE! I see people refer to going to work as going to the “Plantation” as if they are slaves. Do you know what a happened to slaves on plantations? How dare you even try to equate that to working in the world today. Your employment is your choice and if it is not satisfying to you or fails to provide what you need; you can freely leave it. Slaves on plantations couldn’t do that. That would most likely lead to their death. Those people were mistreated and abuse with no recourse but to take it. You don’t have to take it, you can quit. You don’t need an underground railroad to take you to freedom. You will not be shot in the back as you try to leave. It’s just not the same.
Truth is, you are slaves; slaves to money and material wealth; to have things that make you feel equal to the people you equate to slave masters. You work towards nothing more than earning money. Everything else becomes secondary and you feel as if what you’re doing is getting you no where. What you fail to realize that to increase your financial wealth, you need to increase your personal worth. You do that through education. You see, the people you view as slave master on that plantation worked towards more than just earning money. They increased their worth so that they earn more of the money and keep it. They don’t work for money, money works for them because anybody can earn money but not everybody can accumulate wealth. The only plantation you go to is in your head. So please stop making this ignorant statement.

P.S. Sometimes we forget that it may seem that we don’t have a lot, but like there is someone who has more than you, there is someone who has less. So take time a little time away from the worship of money and thank God for a job.


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