Pineapple as a Metaphor for a Life in Transition

I died the other day. It was 3:00pm on Wednesday. Wars were being fought. Laws were being made. Babies were being born. General Hospital was on. For me the end was filled with nothing as the world spun on. At 2:57pm, my life began to flash before my eyes. It when pretty fast until I saw the final night I spent on Earth.
2:00am we walked among the night sky and spoke of our future dreams. The idea of us being together yet so apart was worrisome. Our connect was so strong I thought it could bring us together but our dreams separated the direction. My heart raced from the notion of you and I never truly being us. A bit of sadness crept in. In common fashion, you knew that I wasn’t me. You questioned my mood to which I denied the sadness that was clearly there.
2:22am we lay in the grass and look at the sky. You knew I was happiest when I was with you but you’d never let on you were happy too. You often concerned yourself with my feelings and this night was no different. For every star in the night sky, I could see them all in your eyes. You were my Earth, moon and Sun. You were the Big Bang, my new beginning. If only you felt it too.
2:48am as I lay I hear your deep. You open up and let me into the other part of you. It is sad and telling. It touches me in way that is only reserved for the most intimate of relations. In that moment when you realize how far over the line… You slammed the door. We can’t experience that together. The conversation turns to the trivial and how you want to relate to others. I have my other too but some how my main other was you. I feel crushed. Defeated. Destroyed. However, I took solace in the fact that at this very moment you helped my loneliness subside. A temporary fix I wish you to make permanent solution.
3:07am I told you I loved you. You rebuffed my ridiculous feelings. Then I told you about pineapple. “A pineapple as a metaphor for a life in transition.” It was the only thing I could say not to let you see me cry. I told you how my life was as sweet as a pineapple. I told you that no matter what happens in life, you could slice me, dice me, serve me on ham; I’d always bring someone pleasure. I told you pineapple is a fruit that transforms, makes things better. I am the pineapple. You looked at me like a foolish girl on a dating show. You laughed. I had just become crushed pineapple.
3:19am after some awkward silence, you smiled and said pineapple was your favorite fruit. Maybe you were just trying to be kind, maybe it meant you felt something for me too. I will never know. We both went home.
2:45pm I was thinking about last night. Wondering if I was a fool to even tell you how I feel. How all my dreams included you. I decided to have this deep thought while eating pineapple. It’s your favorite fruit.
2:55pm I was overcome with joy as I thought about you. Then it happened. I began to choke on the pineapple. I was alone. Loneliness was taking my life. I fell to the floor and turned blue. Blue, the color of loneliness.
2:57pm My life began to flash before my eyes.
2:58pm I recalled my last happy moment on earth.
2:59pm The image of you faded from my mind. My final thought was of you.
3:00pm nothing…

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