George Michael Sings My Heart

I’m sitting at a table near the front of the stage. Draped with a white cloth, a flicking candle and a single red rose in a vase. The lights come up on stage, dim and intimate. The room starts to fill with this angelic voice and I can see the silhouette of this most beautiful man.

I look around the room as I realize I’m the only one here. He is looking right at me as he sings Kissing a Fool. I’m just draw in by sway of his voice. Then he steps off the stage and reaches out his hand to me; I take it being pulled close into a tender embrace. He sings to me as we dance and my heart melts.

George and I continued to dance as he sang my heart. I thought to myself you can’t change the way people feel. They will tell you they love you, hug you, kiss you, make you feel alive. It is the greatest high.

He sang “You are far
When I could have been your star
You listened to people
Who scared you to death and from my heart
Strange that I was wrong enough
To think you’d love me too”

George spun me around and gently sat me down. He caressed my face and looked longingly into my eyes. Then he pressed his soft lips against mine. As I was in awe of it all, George sang those final lyrics.

I guess you were kissing a fool
You must have been kissing a fool

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