The Man You Are (Encouraging a friend)

I remember the kid who first hit me up because his dad needed a job. I admired you from that day forward.

I told you somethings yesterday but I really want you to understand what it is I am saying to you.
Sean you are strong and courageous. It takes strength to be able to move out and leave your child to make a better life for yourself and him. You did it and have managed to be present in his life and provide for him.
Sean you are brave. You stood in court on your own, no lawyer or friends and won every battle for your child.
Sean you are smart. Your current employer was so impressed with you on one interview, you got hired with no experience. Then you went in and was better at the job that people who were doing it for years. Of course, everyone liked you even in upper management.
Accomplishments: You had very little when you moved in. I remember you thinking I had such a cool room. Slowly, you began to make your own cool room. You paid for all that stuff, took care of your child and was never late on rent. You did that with a little guidance but it was really your effort.
You stopped recycling and upgraded your clothing. You took better care of yourself. You cut back on drinking and stopped smoking. All by your choice. You were open to trying new things. UFC, archery, virtual reality. You did things for you.
Support: you have always had my support and acceptance. Also, the support of others involved in this house. You have had some bumps, but no one has given up on you, especially me.
All the changes above you made. They all seem to make you happy. You defined what made you happy. It never came from anyplace but inside you.
Obviously, something changed, you’re on an old path and you maybe feeling out of control. Best advice I can offer is, refocus on Sean and look inside to find what makes him happy. Don’t look for it in other people because when they’re not happy, neither are you.
Also, sometimes it’s the small steps you take that make the biggest changes. So, before you take a big leap with work, consider what you can do differently there. Like focus on work and less on being personal.
No matter what, I’ll support you. I keep telling you, you’re a great guy and I believe in you. You have to believe that too.


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