B-Sides Track 1- It’s Gay

Am I gay? That’s a good question. I can’t really give a straight answer. No pun intended. If the question is referring to “Gay” as a lifestyle, then no I’m not. I prefer to have sex with men. I crave penis. Then yes. I'm gay. I like women too, but for a long time a … Continue reading B-Sides Track 1- It’s Gay

Writing Exercise

My pen is out You take it in your hand Grip it tight You say Lets play a game Is it hard No A slow stroke Not a drip of ink You lick your finger Rub the tip a bit I stare at the lights Waiting A speckle begins the flow As you write A … Continue reading Writing Exercise

Mold on My Bread Circa. 2018

June 9th, 2018 seems like another lifetime. It was the precipice of my downward spiral. Here's the recap via Facebook post from that day: I always feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a cliff. It’s the overwhelming feeling of wanting to end it all. I live with depression. It comes over me in … Continue reading Mold on My Bread Circa. 2018