Love Vs. In Love (Specific)

Being “In Love” with you means that I can fall out of love with you. In love is a state of mind. It's not true feelings. I can grow impatient and sick of your ways, resulting in me wanting something new. Then there is you, who I simply love. The guy who will push my buttons, aggravate me … Continue reading Love Vs. In Love (Specific)

I Can’t Be Your Loyal Friend

"When my love swears that she is made of truth I do believe her, though I know she lies" - Shakespeare People constantly post about there need of loyalty; loyal friends and lovers. What is it you are really looking for? Loyalty something that is easy to misplace. It can be manipulated and misconstrued. Loyalty … Continue reading I Can’t Be Your Loyal Friend

I was Stopped & Frisked in Brooklyn (It was laundry day for me)

At 12:30pm there was a crime taking place in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Of course, the criminals got away because the police had stopped me. I asked why I was being stopped. Apparently, they had seen me stop to speak to someone on the corner. I hadn't spoken to anyone as I pushed my shopping cart … Continue reading I was Stopped & Frisked in Brooklyn (It was laundry day for me)

Happy New Year/ You

People act as if January 1st of a new year is some sort of "Magic Reset Button" for your life... They all talk about how things will be different in the new year... Of course it will be different, its a "New Year"! Every moment of your life things are changing- every year, month, day, … Continue reading Happy New Year/ You

When Idiots Attack: In Defense of Mourning Paul Walker

A lot of people are dying as I write this. I don't get the people who post about why we mourn Paul Walker and not the many military men and women who die defending America. Paul Walker was a public figure. His life played out in the public eye. That's why he is plastered everywhere. … Continue reading When Idiots Attack: In Defense of Mourning Paul Walker

Open Letter to Everyone

Dear Friends, I believe in hard work and diligence. I believe in honesty, showing initiative and acquiring knowledge that increases my worth. I believe in going above and beyond for the greater good. This ideology serves to enhance my character and to better my position in life. I have purposed myself with sharing these ideas. … Continue reading Open Letter to Everyone