The Truth about Truth in Relationships

The truth can hurt your relationship... Say nothing until the truth comes out of left field and hurts your relationship... Tell a lie until the truth uncovers itself and hurts your relationship... Be upfront about the truth and the truth will punch you in the gut... No matter what you do, the truth still hurts!!!

I Am American

The term African-American was coined as a non-offensive alternative to the skin-color-based terms, considered disparaging, that were previously used for US people with dark skins. A nicer way to say that I'm considered not equal to you. Truth is, people with dark skins are considered inferior in fact and in law to this very day. …

Getting Older & Knowing It!

The universe has a unique way of making me feel old... Usually it comes in the form of emails prompting me to join AARP... Today I got a shop at home catalog featuring clothes old people wear that live in retirement communities in Florida... Elastic Stretch Denims... Yeah, I'm done.