Eat It! That’s All Folks!

Smoked Pig Head... Try it with some Pit Smoked Beans Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue 433 Third Avenue (bet. 7Th & 8th Street) Brooklyn, NY 11215 F, G, R trains to 9th Street & 4th Avenue Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 days: Sunday – Thursday: 11:30a – 10p / or until sold out Friday – Saturday: … Continue reading Eat It! That’s All Folks!

Living In This Techno-Social World

12 years ago there was no FB, no Twitter, no Myspace and text messaging wasn't popular yet... We had Aim and Chat Rooms but most social networking was more personal... We had Dial-Up not DSL... You talked on the phone, you hung out and you were lucky if you bumped into old friends/acquaintances... We are … Continue reading Living In This Techno-Social World

Role Models

I think it is ridiculously cheesy to even think that fictional characters are considered to be role models and for someone to be disappointed because these characters do not live up to what they think a role model should be. It’s like former Vice President Dan Quayle taking on television character Murphy Brown for being … Continue reading Role Models

Growing Up With AIDS

I don't have HIV/AIDS, but I was a child during the early days of the epidemic. When I was around 6 years old, this was not a major issue for me. Not having Lego Blocks and He-Man Action Figures, major issues. I do however remember a lot of what was going on in the Adult … Continue reading Growing Up With AIDS