Hello Yesterday

Hello yesterday Tomorrow is calling you to come back We need a do over Something that I've done I need to take back Words, hurt, pain I caused Today, I know where I went wrong Tomorrow, we want to set things right How easy would it be To visit it you yesterday To reset, rewind, … Continue reading Hello Yesterday


I lay naked my thoughts A mess of good, bad, in between I lay naked in my truth A body wrecked pains betrayal I lay naked A wanted touch screams fantasy Strip away my soul So I may rise Let my naked husk wither Rotten flesh return to a earth in flames So does my … Continue reading Untitled

Love Vs. In Love (General)

Being “In Love” with a person means that you can fall out of love with them. In love is a state of mind. It's not true feelings. We can grow impatient and sick of their ways, resulting in us wanting something new.Then there are those who we love. The people who will push our buttons, aggravate us and we’ll … Continue reading Love Vs. In Love (General)

Pineapple as a Metaphor for a Life in Transition

I died the other day. It was 3:00pm on Wednesday. Wars were being fought. Laws were being made. Babies were being born. General Hospital was on. For me the end was filled with nothing as the world spun on. At 2:57pm, my life began to flash before my eyes. It when pretty fast until I … Continue reading Pineapple as a Metaphor for a Life in Transition