Nine Inch Nails is not a documentary about Wolverine!

Signs on The Road of Life

I am lost! My life's GPS has take me off course. There isn't anyone to call. Doesn't matter anyway, my phone is dead. Now I'm on the side of this road holding up a help sign. No once takes notice, yet so many pass me by. The light fades away and darkness creeps in. I'm …


Spending time with you is wonderful. That's why I can't do it anymore. There is something about you that pulls me in. you're poison, yet I crave you. How you hurt me? How that hurt feels so good? Pure dysfunction. Not good... oh so good! Am I crazy? What is it that you do to …

Solid as a Rock

With love as your foundation, the possibilities are endless for the relationships which you choose to build on it. Related articles 10 Signs Your Relationship Is Rock Solid ( Solid As A Rock (