When Idiots Attack: In Defense of Mourning Paul Walker

A lot of people are dying as I write this. I don't get the people who post about why we mourn Paul Walker and not the many military men and women who die defending America. Paul Walker was a public figure. His life played out in the public eye. That's why he is plastered everywhere. … Continue reading When Idiots Attack: In Defense of Mourning Paul Walker

Kid’s Stuff

I went by my mom's house yesterday to visit. My sister and I were sitting out on the porch while my 7-year-old niece Laila rode her bike. That definitely brought back some memories, especially when her chain came off. Her big smile turned quickly to a sad frown. Of course, being a good uncle, I … Continue reading Kid’s Stuff

Living In This Techno-Social World

12 years ago there was no FB, no Twitter, no Myspace and text messaging wasn't popular yet... We had Aim and Chat Rooms but most social networking was more personal... We had Dial-Up not DSL... You talked on the phone, you hung out and you were lucky if you bumped into old friends/acquaintances... We are … Continue reading Living In This Techno-Social World