Mold on My Bread Circa. 2018

June 9th, 2018 seems like another lifetime. It was the precipice of my downward spiral. Here's the recap via Facebook post from that day: I always feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a cliff. It’s the overwhelming feeling of wanting to end it all. I live with depression. It comes over me in … Continue reading Mold on My Bread Circa. 2018

Open Letter to Everyone

Dear Friends, I believe in hard work and diligence. I believe in honesty, showing initiative and acquiring knowledge that increases my worth. I believe in going above and beyond for the greater good. This ideology serves to enhance my character and to better my position in life. I have purposed myself with sharing these ideas. … Continue reading Open Letter to Everyone

What I Understand About Relationships

You cannot be successful in a relationship if you do not understand yourself. How we perceive our relations is what we believe to be reality. Our beliefs are based on our perceptions and assumptions about ourselves and the world around us. How you understand your partners, their joys and pains depends on your understanding of … Continue reading What I Understand About Relationships