I Am American

The term African-American was coined as a non-offensive alternative to the skin-color-based terms, considered disparaging, that were previously used for US people with dark skins. A nicer way to say that I'm considered not equal to you. Truth is, people with dark skins are considered inferior in fact and in law to this very day. … Continue reading I Am American

Open Letter

Dear President Obama, It seems that you are not the man who would return America to greatness, unite the races and bring unity to the world. In other words, you suck as president. You have messed up the economy. Wait, that was like that before you took office. The country is divided along social, racial, … Continue reading Open Letter

The Purpose of Education

I remember how much importance was placed on education by my parents when I was growing up. Education was the key to a better future and the "American Dream." It seem like the youth of today place more value on the pursuit of wealth and status; with education being a secondary means to achievement such … Continue reading The Purpose of Education

Exposing The New Monsters: Why I’m not upset with Rolling Stone’s Cover.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the cover of Rolling Stone. He is also one of the men behind the Boston Marathon Bombing. The photo looks great. Rolling Stone has received a lot of backlash for putting him on the cover. Some national companies are boycotting by not carrying the issue in their stores, including CVS and … Continue reading Exposing The New Monsters: Why I’m not upset with Rolling Stone’s Cover.